New journal highlights student research

By Yasemin Saplakoglu

Cover of journal

The inaugural Princeton Undergraduate Research Journal

This spring marked the debut of the Princeton Undergraduate Research Journal, a peer-reviewed publication where students can publish original research findings. “The entire goal of research is to communicate new discoveries to a larger academic community,” said Daniel D. Liu, who co-founded the journal with fellow Class of 2018 student Yash M. Patel. “We felt that a lot of valuable independent work by Princeton undergraduates was going unnoticed.” The journal, peer-reviewed by an executive board of undergraduates and by a faculty advisory board, is open access, meaning it is available for anyone to read online. Liu and Patel aimed to introduce under- graduates to the process of peer review and to implement a rigorous review process parallel to that of established academic journals.

The editorial board encourages submissions from a broad range of disciplines from the sciences to the humanities and arts. “I personally have learned a lot about what’s going on in other disciplines by going through this process, and I’m hoping that other readers of the journal will also,” said Liu, who is majoring in molecular biology. The team plans to distribute the publication to prospective students and alumni. Interested undergraduates can submit their original research findings at