News Briefs 2012


Selamawit Mecca

Life of an Ethiopian Saint






ScottSenior thesis research leads to potential cancer therapies






onegin_scoreLost and found: Prokofiev’s score for Eugene Onegin






CowsWildlife and cows can be partners, not enemies, in search for food






Alice ChangThe future of Princeton mathematics






GlobeStudy shows fallout of a giant meteorite strike on Earth






Princeton sound lab pushes boundaries of realism



Ann Marie RussellPrinceton psychologists study perceptions of poverty






Storm surgeStorm of the century could become storm of the decade






CosmologyDetection of cosmic effect may bring universe’s formation into sharper focus






Quantum computingSynchronizing billions of electrons in the quest for quantum computing





Physicists spot Higgs boson


Caulobacter cells

Crescent-shaped bacteria reveal their secrets






Lasso peptidesLasso peptides round up bacteria






Race and inequalityResearch on race and inequality






QuasicrystalExpedition verifies the extraterrestrial nature of quasicrystals






ChemistryIron replaces pricey metal






Rebecca BurdinePrinceton researchers take asymmetry to heart






Sea turtlesSpotlight on the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory






PPSOCPrinceton’s Physical Sciences-Oncology Center






The forces behind lung defects