The Cosmic Web: Mysterious Architecture of the Universe

Author: J. Richard Gott
Publisher: Princeton University Press, 2016 (available February)

Professor of Astrophysics J. Richard Gott was among the first cosmologists to propose that the structure of our universe is like a sponge made up of clusters of galaxies intricately connected by filaments of galaxies — a magnificent structure now called the “cosmic web” and mapped extensively by teams of astronomers. Here is his gripping insider’s account of how a generation of undaunted theorists and observers solved the mystery of the architecture of our cosmos.

Drawing on Gott’s own experiences working at the frontiers of science with many of today’s leading cosmologists, The Cosmic Web shows how ambitious telescope surveys such as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey are transforming our understanding of the cosmos, and how the cosmic web holds vital clues to the origins of the universe and the next trillion years that lie ahead.

All text and images courtesy of the publisher.

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JEREMIAH OSTRIKER and LYMAN PAGE receive Gruber Cosmology Prize

Lyman Page


The 2015 Gruber Foundation Cosmology Prize has been awarded to Jeremiah Ostriker and Lyman Page for “individual and collective contributions to the study of the universe on the largest scales.”

The two share the prize with John Carlstrom of the University of Chicago. Half of the $500,000 prize went to Ostriker, while Carlstrom and Page divided the other half. Each also received a gold medal at the XXIX General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Aug. 3, 2015. Ostriker is the Charles A. Young Professor of Astronomy on the Class of 1897 Foundation, Emeritus, and Page is the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor in Physics.

Jeremiah Ostriker


According to the award citation, Ostriker was honored for his “groundbreaking body of work over a five-decade career,” while Carlstrom and Page “have each overseen ground-based experiments providing a wealth of information about the origins and evolution of the universe. Together the theoretical and experimental work of these three scientists has contributed to, clarified and advanced today’s standard cosmological model.”

–By Catherine Zandonella

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