University strengthens commitment to quantum research and education

By Steven Schultz

Lasers with orange light

Princeton University is expanding its commitment in quantum science and engineering research and education with a new graduate program, a broader leadership structure for its initiative, and plans for a new building. These expanded programs, along with ongoing recruitment of top faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, reflect the University’s recognition of the transformative potential of quantum science and technology to benefit society in the decades ahead. This endowment-enabled initiative will be led by co-directors Andrew Houck, professor of electrical and computer engineering, who earned his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at Princeton in 2000, and Ali Yazdani, the Class of 1909 Professor of Physics. The vision for the new institute is to bring together and support faculty and students across science and engineering who are pushing the boundaries of discovery around quantum information, particularly in the areas of quantum computing, communication and sensing.